YC Onion Chocolate Milk Camera Slider Motorized APP Control Retractable Portable for DSLR Camera Camcorder Smart Phone for GoPro for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Photography Camera Acc

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Product Specification


Best Carry-on Motorized Camera Slider for shooters, travelers, photographers, filmmakers of all levels. Easy on the go.

Mini Sized Diminutive. 12x3.5x2.8†(30cmx9cmx7cm). Made of aviation aluminum alloy. Stronger than carbon fiber. Lighter than steel.

Hydraulic Damper. Belt-Driven & Hydraulic Damping. Butter smooth operation. Uniform and precise moving at any speed you define. No shakes.

Free App for IOS & Android. 

Bluetooth control. Instant setup for video shots and time-lapses. Offline working supported. 

Unplug after each use.

Versatile. Mounted vertically, horizontally, or at a slant for more tracking options. 

Max load to 6.6lb/3kg on tabletop, 2.8lb/1.3kg for 45degree slant and 1.5lb/.7kg for 45 to 90 degree.

Package Included: 

1 x YC Onion Motorized Camera Slider

1 x for Sony NP-FW50

1 x 3/8 to 1/4 Connector

1 x Carry Pouch

1 x Gift Box

1 x Instruction

1 x USB Cable

4 x Shutter Cables (N3, E3, L1, S2)

4 x Hex Wrenches

5 x Bearings