TELESIN 45M Underwater Sport Camera Case Waterproof Protective Case Tempered Glass Diving Housing Cover Lens Filter for Hero 9 Camera Accessories for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification




Adapted models

Hero 9


PU, Tempered glass

Waterproof depth


Product Usage

Diving, surfing, selfie, travel, parachute


1. Waterproof to 148ft/45m. Delivers maximum image sharpness above and under water. 

2. With this waterproof housing you can perfectly use the camera 45m underwater; The waterproof shell Anti-surf pressure will not affect your movement and photographic effect;

3. Bacpack Touched LCD Screen Backdoor made with high transparent material can keep a good photo shooting;

4. Bacpack Touched LCD Screen Backdoor can ONLY use for underwater 10M

5. Fits for Hero 9 cameras. 

6. Easy to install no need to take apart the lens design makes it more convenient to use the waterproof case 

7 Eupipped with Touched LCD Screen Backdoor Cover and  can be used underwater as well.

Package included:

1 x Hero 9 waterproof case

1 x Movable base

1 x Long screw