16/25cm Dimmable LED Video Ring Light Tripod Stand with Phone/Mic Holder bluetooth Selfie Shutter for Youtube Tik Tok Live Streaming for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Photography & Camera Acc

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Product Specification


360° Rotation Gimbal
10 Brightness Adjustment, 3 Light Color Adjustment
With Remote Control, easy to operation and control
With Rack, can place a live sound card to sing or online
Dimmable LED RING LIGHT: Provide bright and soft light, fit for photostudio lighting
54cm to 160cm Adjustable Tripod Stand, (Fully contracted, excluding fill light is 54cm).
Eye protection ABS lamp cover with Lamp beads make the light more natural, not dazzling, improve the item three-dimensional
Multi-Functions: It is a professional tool for creating live videos/recording with smartphone or computer. Perfect extra light for make-up, live streaming, lay flat, selfie photos, filming, video recording, online teaching, dark scenery vlogging etc.
Application: Can be used for Self-timer beauty, webcast like youtube, makeup modeling teaching Live lesson, wedding photography fill light, tattoo nail fill light, hairdressing studio fill light, Product photo fill light and suitable for all all the need to fill the light of the environment.

Ring Diameter: A: 16cm, B: 26cm
Power Supply: USB Port
Color Temperature: 2800-6500K
Brightness Adjustment: 10 Brightness Adjustable
3 Light Color: Warm light, White light, Warm white light
Package Included:

1 x Ring Light
1 x 1.6m Ring Light Tripod Stand
1 x Gimbal (Rotation Head)
1 x Phone Clip
1 x bluetooth Selfie Remote Control
1 x Windshied
1 x Microphone Stand
1 x 20x14cm Rack
1 x Storage Bag