Bakeey Universal Disassembly Heavy Duty Suction Cup Smart Phone Repair Tool for iPhone Cell Phone LCD Screen Opening Tool for Sale with BTC on


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Phone Repair Tools

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Product Specification

 Brand                        Bakeey                                                                                      
 Material      ABS Plastic, Rubber 
 Flat Suction      about 15KG 
 Side Lay Suction      about 12KG
 Size      about 6.7*5.7cm
 Weight      about 40g
 Color      Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Orange, Red, Green, Black

How to Use:
1. Place the mighty puller over the dent.
2. Push the handle in the down position.
3. Pull the handle back up.
4. The suction is now activated and you can now pull the dent out.

Package Included : 
1 *  Repairing Suction Cup