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Phone Repair Tools

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Product Specification

Package Included:
Type1: 1* Cleaning Spray (The spray contains no alcohol, no essence, no pungent smell, even if accidentally sprayed on the skin, there is no harm to the human body.)
            1* Dust Cloth
            1* Magic Clean
            1* Brush
            1* Cotton Swab

Type2: 1*Dust Cloth
            1* Deep Cleaning Mud
            1* Cotton Swab
            1* Grinding Rod
            2* Brushes

Type3: 100Pcs Wood Tip Cleaning Cotton Swab


-How to use the Magic Clean?
Before use, clean your hands, keep them dry, knead them for about 10 seconds, so that the gel can apply to the PH of your skin, and increase viscosity and toughness. When cleaning,  just squeeze down, not rub left and right.
-How long can it be used?
According to the amount of adsorbed garbage, dust and bacteria to judge the applicable life. The first application after the opening can be used in general 2-3 months, when the gel becomes dirty, it needs to be replaced.
-Can it clean hardened stains?
No, the magic clean couldn't clean stains and oil stains, mainly to absorb dust and hair.