Bakeey 550ML Multi functional Universal Electronic Cleaning Restorer Computer TV Smart Phone LCD Screen Cleaner Spray Repair Tool for Sale with BTC on


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Phone Repair Tools

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Product Specification

1.Completely evaporate, leaving no trace
2.Quickly cleaning oil, grease, dirt, stubborn stains and static electricity
3.Clean the plastic surface, sensors, precision instruments, electrical contact, electric elements and circuit board
4.No bad odour, safe and environmental

 Model             530
 Compatibility       the electronic product
 Weight  about 412g
 Size  about 6.5*24.5cm
 Capacity  550ML
 Resistance to  Remove dust, smudges, oil stains and etc.
 Applicable Scope  Mobile Phones, Computers, Laptops, other LCD Screens and other electronic components 
 Note  Flammable, when using, away from heat, flame. Smoking is not allowed. Make sure the airflow is perfect. Please don't keep it  away over 60 degree centigrade; Do not insolate, do not pierce or throw it into the fire;  Avoid children using.