FIVE Smart Hot Towel Machine White From Xiaomi Youpin 45ÂC 65ÂC Adjustable 3 Gears Humidity Mijia APP Remote Control Towel Heating Machine for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

  Main Features:
  - Get hot and humid towels in 5s

  - Multi-scene + multi-function use

  - Super soft, 0 pollution, fiber towel

  - Mijia control, precise temperature adjustment

  - Intelligent infrared sensor hatch

  - 700mL visible water tank


Brand: FIVE (Xiaomi Ecological Chain)

Name: FIVE Intelligent Hot Towel Machine

Model: YSMJJ001SS

Size: 220mm x 100mm x 200mm

Rated input: 220V-50Hz

Rated power: 750W

Support system: Android4.4 or iOS10.0 and above


  Package Contents

1x Smart towel machine

20x Compressed towel

1x Manual