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Product Specification

  Main Features:
  - 1200 square feet--The precise large humidifiers works at the same time, with a large 15L water tank, which can reach a spray volume of 1500ml per hour, so that the space of 600-1200sq ft is kept moist.

  - Multi-function---LED touch screen, with constant temperature, negative ion oxygen bar, appointment, timing, adjust the amount of fog, which can be adjusted through the button or using the remote control, easy to control your purifier.

  - High moisturizing---It integrates industrial use and home use. It can be placed in a supermarket store to moisturize vegetables and fruits, and can also be placed in the office or home to create a comfortable space.

  - Keep quiet--- The whole house humidifier is equipped with a silencer, which operates silently, and can't hear any sound at all during work, which is most suitable for living room,bedroom&office.

  - Intelligent device---The commercial grade humidifiers has an automatic protection function. The water level line can be seen from the outer box. When the machine is short of water, it will open a reminder. If no one adds water, it will automatically cut off the power.


Color: White

Material: ABS

Plug Type: EU Plug

Voltage: 110-220V 50Hz

Power: 100W

Capacity: 15L

Noise ≤ 46db (A)

Flow Rate: 1500ml/h

Movable: Universal wheel

Humidification time: about 10 hours

The use area: 60-120 square meters

Safety protection: water shortage and power failure protection

Size: 26x26x94.5cm/10.2x10.2x37.2"


  Package Contents


1x Industrial Humidifier