PCI E 3 0 16X 90 Graphics Card Vertical Stand Base ATX Case Flexible Extension Cable Riser Card Adapter 90 Degrees for GPU for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification



Product name

 PCI-E 16X graphics card extension cable

Product specifications

 upright 90°

Product parameters

 support up to 200mm, stable at full speed

Wire length


Adapted graphics card

 supports all PCI-E devices and graphics cards



1. The wire core adopts pure copper tinning process to ensure the signal is stable at full speed without attenuation, and the shielding layer adopts TPE plastic sleeve and PE insulation layer to ensure electromagnetic interference during signal transmission.

2. The gold finger adopts immersion gold technology, the gold back is up to 3U, which enhances the product's plug-in service life and good electrical performance.

3. The surface of the positioning hole is gold-plated, which strengthens the better contact and grounding effect between the screw and the chassis/bracket.

4. Comes with EMI wire, with anti-electromagnetic interference function, stable signal at full speed without attenuation and no black screen.

5. Use high-quality UV glue and thickened and widened plastic strips to fix the two ends of the copper wire conductor welding point with screws/nut reinforcement to prevent the copper wire conductor inside the wire from breaking.

6. Before placing an order, please measure the hole distance of the fixed extension cord in the chassis to be consistent with the hole distance of the PCB board of the extension cord.


Package Included:


1* PCI-E 3.0 16X 90° Graphics Card Extension Cable