GAMEKM ATX 600W PC Power Supply Rated 600W PC Power Supplies Bronze Certification Ative FPC 120MM Cooling Fan for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Category ATX Power Supply
Model VP+600
AC Input  180-240VAC 10A 50Hz
Support Wide Format Yes
PFC  Active PFC
SATA Interface 4
8pin PCI-E Interface 2
Main Power Interface 20+4pin
CPU 12V Power Supply Interface 1
D Type 4pin Interface 2
Fan 120mm
Support Temperature Control Yes
Efficiency 80PLUS Bronze Certified
Item Dimensions 150mm(L)*140mm(W)*86mm(H)
Net Weight About 1200g


1. 80 plus bronze certification, the conversion rate is as high as 85%.

2. Use tantalum capacitors with excellent performance to ensure stable operation and long life.

3. Active PFC + dual-tube forward structure.

4. 12V enhanced output, support flagship graphics card.

5. The main power supply uses 105℃ capacitors to strengthen the aluminum foil voltage, which is more resistant to high temperatures and more durable.

6. The High Quality Filter Main Capacitor guarantees the stable operation of the computer for a long time.

7. 2.5A strong current output, standby power consumption is less than 0.5W.

Package Included:

1* GAMEKM ATX 600W PC Power Supply