800W 120mm LED Fan 24 Pin PCI SATA ATX 12V Computer Power Supply for PC Desktop for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Material: Aluminum alloy Shell + Copper cable
Color: Black
Product Size: 15x14x8.5cm/5.9"x5.5"x3.3"
Fan diameter: 12cm/4.7"
Cable Length: About140cm/55.1"
Output Line Length: About 50cm/19.7."
Power supply standard: ATX 12V
Interface: 1x24P+1x8P+1x6+2P+1x(1*4P+2*SATA)+1x(1*4P+1*SATA)
Input Voltage: 110~220V (Manually switching voltage)
Output Voltage: 12V 220A
Peak Power: 800W
Actual power: 350W
Efficiency: ≥80%
Suitable for: Desktop computer


1. Peak power 800W, suitable for high-end computer configuration in the market.
2. In accordance with Intel ATX12V specification design, support Intel, AMD full range of dual-core platform, support VISTA, Win7 operating system.
3. Using 12cm bearing LED fan, efficient and energy-saving silent fan, standby power 1W.
4. Intelligent temperature control circuit design, automatically adjust fan speed and extend service life.
5. Using high capacity and large capacitance, support wide-width use (110~220V), Manually switching voltage.
7. Multi-function protection circuit design, with overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, undervoltage, short circuit,protection and other protection functions.
Package Included:

1 * Power Supply
1 * Cable (EU Plug)