750W Full Module Power Supply 110 230V 14cm Fan 24 Pin PCI SATA 12V EU Plug Computer Power Supply for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


The difference between full module power and ordinary power
First: Because the full-module power supply requires a PC board for the connection interface, the materials are usually luxurious.
Second: The heat dissipation performance is different. The full module power supply has better heat dissipation performance than ordinary power supplies.
Third: the output stability is different, the full module power supply is more stable, and the product requires higher standards. Because the materials are more luxurious, the output is also relatively stable.


1. Peak power 750W, suitable for high-end computer configuration in the market.
2. In accordance with Intel 12V specification design, support Intel, AMD full range of dual-core platform, support VISTA, Win7 operating system.
3. Using 14cm bearing Multicolor LED fan, efficient and energy-saving silent fan, standby power 1W.
4. Intelligent temperature control circuit design, automatically adjust fan speed and extend service life.
5. Using high capacity and large capacitance, support wide-width use (115~230V), Manually switching voltage.
6. Multi-function protection circuit design, with overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, under-voltage, short circuit and other protection functions.


Material: Aluminum alloy Shell + Copper cable
Color: Black
Product Size: 15.2x16x8.7cm/6x6.3x3.4"
Fan diameter: 14cm/5.5"
Cable Length: About140cm/55.1"
Output Line Length: About 50cm/19.7."
Power supply standard: ATX 12V
Interface: 1x24P+1x8P+(6+2P to 6+2P )+(2*4Pin+4*SATA)
Input Voltage: 115~230V (Manually switching voltage)
Output Voltage: 12V 16A
Peak Power: 750W
Rated power: 500W
Efficiency: ≥80%
Suitable for: Desktop computer

Package Included:

1 x Power Supply
1 x Cable 


1. Please allow 0.5-1cm differences due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.