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Product Specification


Installation Method:
1. Clean the area to be installed and keep the installation area dry.
2. Tear off the adhesive sticker and press the bracket into the mounting area。
3. The effect is better after fixed about 12 hours.


Simple Style: The earphone bracket keeps your headphones away from clutter and easy to reach.
High Quality: The earphone holder is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with high toughness and drop resistance. The smooth edge design prevents the headphones from being scratched and dropped. 
Enclosure Microfiber: The smooth edges protect the headphones from scratching the bracket.
Easy to Install: The earphone bracket is easy to install with no damage or mess.
Compatible and Warranty: The earphone bracket is universal compatible to all headsets and gaming headsets.


Name: Headphone Storage Rack
Material: aluminum alloy
Weight: about 30g
Style: top adhesive
Color: black
Aluminum plate thickness: about 2.0mm
Gasket thickness: about 4.0mm
Bracket width: about 35mm
Application: The multifunctional storage rack can be used to hang headphones, bags, hangers, umbrellas, etc.

Package Included:

1 * Headphone Hook