50Pcs Cable Clips Self Adhesive Cord Management Wire Holder Organizer Clamp for Computer for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Material: PA66 Nylon
Color: Black
Fire rating: 94V-2
Suitable Cable: 30PIN
Dimension: 45 x 19mm /1.8 x 0.7in

-Buckle design for easy disassembly, fixing of wires, and no drilling.
-This excellent cable clips keep wiring and cable installation clean and orderly.
-Simple peeling and sticking to make your home look neater, fast, firm, easy to open.
-Apply to all smooth and clean surfaces such as desks, walls, base boards, cabinets, wood, etc.
-Self adhesive performance allows you to easily mount the cable to the wall, ceiling or any smooth surface you need.
-Widely used for organizing network cables, audio cables, video cables and cable runs, in datacenters, at the office and home.

Packing list:
50 x Cable Clips