A4 Beige White Sketchbook Iron Coil Thickened Cow Leather Book Drawing Sketching Painting Book For Sutdent for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


1. 50 Thick Inner Pages, Convenient to Draw, doodle and sketch;

2. Easy to turn the page, can be turned 360 degrees, firm, flexible and easy to use

3. HD printing effect are more realistic, give you a different feeling.

4. A variety of styles for you to choose, there is always one for you.


Interior color: Beige white

Product specification: 210 * 285mm

Product pages: 50 pages and 100 pieces

Cover paper: 300g

Thickness of paperboard: 2.5mm

Weight: about 0.4KG

Product features: clear paper lines, neutral acid-free, easy to lead, the cover of famous paintings has a grade, suitable for watercolor, color lead, sketch, etc

Package Included:

1 x A4 Sketchbook