A4 Cutting Pad Paper Cutting Pad Cutting Map Manual Model Manual DIY Tool Cutting Board Durable PVC Craft Card for Student Home Office for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Paper Cutter

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Product Specification


Item: Cutting Pad;

Material: PVC;

Size: 30 * 22cm;

[Suitable for]

Writing, painting, making manual pads, paper cutting, cutting items, engraving pads, writing sketches, craft paper carvings, and can also be used as mouse pads, students, home, office standing.


When cutting, be careful not to put your fingers in front of the cutter edge to prevent hand injury.

[Remind Note]

The carving cutter has been scratched on the backing plate. The cutter marks are more obvious at the beginning, and will slowly recover.

[Carving Skills]

Use sharp cutters and adjust the cutter angle according to the thickness of the paper. Sometimes one or more layers of paper can be engraved between the pad and the engraving paper

Features: The characteristic of the cutting mat is that the cutter marks will heal automatically. No matter how deep the cut is, as long as you don’t tear the entire rubber layer off, it will recover in a few days. It can be used on both sides, with different scales and shapes printed. Reflective, non-slip, and protect the blade.

Application: Various types of writing and drawing, manuscript paper carving, engraving seal, negative film cutting, also can be used as desktop and mouse pad.