110/220V 2500W High Pressure Electric Airless Paint Sprayer Machine Wall Spray Guns for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

1. Advantage: Flow Regulation, High Pressure, Spraying Uniformity, Rapid Disassembly, With Pressure Gage
2. Well-equipped: Included spray guns, filter, lubricating oil, 11.5m high-pressure tube, 50cm extension bar, material sucking tube, pressure gage
3. Simple operation, easy to carry, Low noise
4. Excellent surface quality: One-time film forming, smooth spraying and uniform coating, no brush marks and particles
5. High penetrability, increase the mechanical bite force with wall body, better solve the coating of bubbles, cracks and other issues
6. Coating rebound small, greatly improve the working conditions, more conducive to the health of construction personnel
7. Widely Used: Steel surface structure, Epoxy flooring, Oil paint construction, Tile industry water, Home decoration construction, Construction business, Paint spraying construction of ship, Spray construction of silicon mud algae, Die oil spray


Plug Standard

EU Plug (220V), US Plug (110V), AU Plug (220V) (Option)

The nozzle diameter




The best spray distance


Maximum flow


Maximum pressure

20Mpa(3000psi, 1Mpa=145psi)

Pressure Resistance Of High Pressure Pipe

25Mpa (3600psi)

Maximum Pressure


Using Pressure


Standby Pressure


Package size

Approx. 48x43x53cm/ 18.90x16.93x20.87"


1. Please ensure that the plug specifications of the power supply to avoid explosion caused by unsuitable voltage.
2. Coatings, paints, adhesives, emulsioni paint, rust-proof paint or others without large particles that can be used. And particles can not be used.
3. Thin is a combination of various organic compounds, including benzene, toluene, butyl ester, formaldehyde and other substances. It is a kind of liquid that dilutes the paint, this is very volatile, do not use it in a confined space.
4. Spray nozzle installation:Please pay attention to the arc of the Curved pad to be consistent with the muzzle column.
5. Make sure to poke with screwdriver before loading the suction pipe, whether the steel ball in the lower pump body moves.
6. We have installation video, please contact us if you need.

Package Included:

1 x

Wall Paint Sprayer

1 x

High pressure pipe

1 x

Accessory set

1 x


1 x

Suction pipe

1 x

English Manual