H B 6Pcs Water Hook Line Pen Set Flat Round Head Large Medium Small Nib Fountain Pen For Watercolor Painting Hook Line Pen

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Product Specification


1. Irrigation soft brush, water-soluble color lead, solid watercolor good partner, go out sketching, easy to carry, beginners, professionals can use, you can use irrigation, you can also fill ink, as a calligraphy pen, practicing with small and medium size can choose!

2. After the traditional brush is dipped in water once, the amount of water gradually decreases, so it needs to be dipped in water repeatedly, which is not easy to control. The fountain pen has a water storage bag, which can continuously supply water. The pen head has repeated water supply, which is easy to control, especially in the dyeing (Because the pen head is slightly larger, the covers of medium and large pens are white)


Brand: H&B

Name: 6Pcs Water Hook Line Pen Set


Type: Flat (Large, Medium, Small), Round (Large, Medium, Small)

Size: 13x181mm

Color: Transparent

Package Included:

6 x Water Pen