12V/24V/48V Wind Turbine Generator Vertical Axis Magnetic Levitation External Rotor Miniature Wind with MPPT Controller for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


-Start the wind speed is low, high wind energy utilization; small size, good looks, low operating vibration;
-The installation of user-friendly design, convenient equipment installation, maintenance, and repair;
-Using high-power tracking intelligent microprocessor control, effective regulation of current and voltage;
-Anti-typhoon capacity is stronger, safe and reliable operation;
-The wind wheel blade with new technology by precision injection molding, coupled with the optimization of the aerodynamic shape design and structural design, high wind energy utilization factor, an increase of annual power generation;
-The generator using patented permanent magnet rotor alternator, coupled with a special stator design, effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, while the wind wheel and the generator has a better matching characteristic, the unit running reliability.


Max power: 300W
Color: White&Red&Green
Rated voltage: 12/24/48V
Number of leaves: 3pieces
Braking method: electromagnetic

Package Includes:

1 x Wind Turbine
1 x Controller