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Product Specification


Color: Yellow
Material: Chenille, aluminum alloy, stainless steel
Pattern: Spare mop head, Mop head+stainless steel rod, Mop head+ aluminum alloy rod(optional)
Pole Length: Before stretching: about 62cm, After stretching: about 90cm
Fluff dimension: 4 x 0.6cm /1.6 x 0.2in
Mop head: 19cm /7.5in


● Removable mop head, easy to clean
● Telescoping rod allows you to clean effortlessly
● Material of soft chenille, clean dust, sand on your car without damage the paint
● Suitable for cleaning cars, glasses, floors, bathrooms, furniture, kitchen, and so on.

Package Included 1:
1 x Car Wash Brush(Mop head + Rod)
Instruction is not included. Hope a nice day!

Package Included 2:
1 x Mop Head
Instruction is not included. Hope a nice day!

Detail Pictures: