13PCS A Set Universal Laptop Dust Plug Laptop Notebook PC Silicone Computer USB VGA SD HDMI Ports Dust Proof Rubber Cover for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Interface type and quantity:
 1 piece VGA interface (standard display signal interface, used for the projector)
 4 pieces USB interface (standard USB2.0 interface, used to connect a variety of extended equipment)
 1 piece HDMI (standard HDMI video signal interface, used as a TV)
 2 pieces AUDIO (standard 3.5 AUDIO interface, laptop used for connecting the headphones, speakers, etc.)
 1 piece RJ45 (standard network signal interface, used to connect to the router, etc.)
 1 piece SD (standard card reader interface)
 1 piece 1394 (1394 live line of small mouth, the notebook is such a small mouth, connect DV camera)
 Hooku: 2 pieces USB COMBO (hookup with USB set)

Package Includes:

1 Set of Laptops Computer Dust plug (13Pcs/set)