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Product Specification

Description :

YEELIGHT Automatic Mouthwash Dispenser Machine Wall-mounted 2 Mode Adjustment Mouthwash Bottles Dispens With 2 Magnetic Cup

Features :

- Induction to Discharge
No longer have to worry about the trouble of access, the magnetic suction cup can sense the liquid by just putting it down. The new smart way to use mouthwash allows you to use it whenever you want, and cultivate healthy mouthwash habits for your family
- Two Adjustable Liquid Outlet
Taking into account the difference in dosage of different people, two adjustable liquid outlet levels are provided. Adults are recommended to choose the 20mL liquid outlet, and children are recommended to choose the 10mL liquid outlet.
- Induction Automatic Liquid Discharge
Place the magnetic suction cup under the outlet hole to trigger the induction magnetic field. The area where the cup is placed will automatically be magnetically calibrated to ensure accurate and more worry-free access during the discharge
- Liquid Silicone Material
Liquid silica gel is more assured to prevent harmful substances from causing harmful damage to the human body. The bottle mouth adopts a new leak-proof design, even if it is inverted, it is not afraid of leakage, and it is more safe to use.
- Wall-mounted Strong Adsorption
The wall-mounted type does not need to be punched, and uses 3M VHB double-sided tape, which has strong adsorption. Wipe the wall clean before pasting, press it evenly, and hang it on the host after standing for 72 hours. The main unit is separated from the board and can be removed for charging, which is more convenient and safer.
- Choose Excellent Materials
The mouthwash bottle is made of PETG material, which has good weather resistance and environmental protection. The oxygen transmission rate is low, and food containers are preferred. It does not contain bisphenol A, which is more friendly to the human body and the ecology. The cost is higher, but it is more suitable for holding mouthwash. Healthy life, exquisite peace of mind.

Specifications :

Product Color
PABS+PC, POM, PPN, PETG, Liquid Silicone
Installation Method
Punch-free, Wall-mounted (Punchable)
Rated Power
Input Voltage
Input Current
Product Capacity
Gear Adjustment
2 Gears Adjustable
Battery Capacity
Charging Time
6-12 hours
Endurance Time
3-6 months (Calculated based on 4 inductions per day, more usage will result in faster power consumption)
Product Size
87 x 57 x 316mm/3.42 x 2.44 x 12.44''
Product Weight410g

Package Included :

1 x Mouthwash Machine
2 x Magnetic Cup
1 x 550ML Replaceable Empty Bottle