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Oral Care Accessories

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Product Specification

〠Soap dish】With protruding bars at the bottom to prevent soap from being immersed in water, split type draining soap box is easy to clean and soap does not soak water.
〠Easy-to-clean beaker design + arc-warm corners】Giving the cup an excellent grip while being easy to clean and use as new.
〠Protection card】At the same time of simplicity, the function is still strong, the protection card is protected against accidental pressing, and the intimate design.
〠Flip cover design】7.5L capacity, not too big, not too delicate, effectively shielding the contents and taste.
〠Cover handle】The cover handle is designed to prevent splashing. Put it in the bucket after use to enlarge the brush head to be beautiful and practical.

- Material: PP
- Color: Orange, Purple, Blue, Gray, Black, White(Optional)
- Mouthwash cup size: 7x7x9.5cm/2.8x2.8x3.7"
- Lotion bottle size: 7.2x7.2x15.5cm/2.8x2.8x6.1"
- Toothbrush holder size: 7.2x7.2x11cm/2.8x2.8x4.3"
- Soap box size: 13x9.5x2.5cm/5.1x3.7x1"
- Trash bin size: 19.5x19.5x25cm/7.7x7.7x9.8"
- Toilet brush size: 10x10x37cm/3.9x3.9x14.6''

Package Included:
1x Mouthwash Cup
1x Lotion Bottle
1x Toothbrush Holder
1x Soap Box
1x Trash Bin
1x Toilet Brush

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