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Product Specification

Prtoduct Name Phone lens
Model A36804
Color Black White
Material Plastic + Metal + Glass
Magnification 8X
Fisheye Lens Size 2.7cm x 1.5cm (Diameter x Height) / 1.1'' x 0.6''
2-in-1 Lens (Wide Angle + Macro Lens) Size 2.2cm x 1.2cm / 0.87'' x 0.47''
8X Mobile Phone Lens Size 8cm x 3cm / 3.2'' x 1.2''
Clip 1 Size 6.5cm x 2.1cm / 2.6'' x 0.83''
Clip 2 Size 5.5cm x 2.1cm / 2.2'' x 0.83''
Clip Extend 3.7cm / 1.5''
Tripod Size 14.6cm / 5.74''(Closed) / 12.5cm / 4.92''(Open) 
Selfie Stick Monopod Size 22cm / 8.7''(Fold) / 108.7cm / 42.8''(Unfold)
Phone Holder Size 8.2cm x 5.2cm x 2.6cm / 3.2'' x 2.05'' x 1.02''
Phone Holder Extend 5.4cm-8.2cm / 2.12''-3.2''
bluetooth Remote Control Size 5.2cm x 3.3cm / 2.05'' x 1.3''
Compatible for All of phones

1.Perfect for long-range photo taking with a 8x magnification camera lens.
2.Portable and durable, you can take photo with your devices at any time any where.
3.Plug and play, easy to install.
4.Make your short-sighted camera/phone into a telephoto.
5.Help you easily enjoy the world of photography and discover the beauty of the virtual world.
6.Fit for many kinds of smartphone , like iPhone,/Samsung/HTC/Ipad/Tablet PC/Laptops.
7.Fisheye lens can shoot 180 degrees scene; super wide-angle lens can capture the scenery sight; while the macro lens can shoot the small object more clearly
Package Included:
1 x 8X Telephoto Lens(The phone not include)
1 x Fish Eye Lens
1 x 2in1 Lens(Wide Angle + Macro Lens)
1 x Selfie Stick Monopod
1 x bluetooth Remote Control
1 x Mini Tripod
1 x Phone Holder
2 x Lens Cover (plastic)
1 x Small Pouch
2 x Clip
1 x User manual
1 x Cloth(accerssory)