LED Fiber Optic Whip Strip Light 360 RGB Multi Mode Flashlight Show Music Dance Festival Battery Operated for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Optic Fiber Lights

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Product Specification

Easy to use, especially for Dancers. Dancers can easily and quickly switch color effects with a single button.
40 Display Modes. Intelligent Programmable LED fiber light with Oum modes, 10 fade modes and 10 static color modes.
Full Size Fiber Optic. 160pcs"0.75mm"25-150cm end glow fiber optic.
360 Degree Free Rotation. The head of the powerhouse can be 360C swivel.
One-Button Operation. Easy to change modes by pressing a button.
Batteries Operation. Only need 3 AAA batteries powered
Black Aluminum Shell. Not easily damaged.
Best Occasion: Family, KTV, Hotel, Theater, Stage performers, Shows, Entertainment area, Carnival, Party and so on. Easily to catch eyes and to be the center and focus.

Power supply: 3*AAA batteries (not included)
Power: 3W
Product Effect: 40 modes
Power Consumption: Generally, continuously using for 3 hours in full battery
Flashlight Material: Aluminum alloy
Optical Material: Fiber
Strip light length: 150cm

Package included:
1x LED Fiber Optic Whip
1x Instruction