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Optic Fiber Lights

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Product Specification


Base: ABS
Surface: silver-plated
Product Size: approx. 8*8*34.5cm
Base height:approx. 85mm
Base diameter: approx. 37*77mm
Type: LED Light Toy
Light Source: Three 5mm LED (red, blue and green)
Function: luminous
Power: 3 X AAA cylindrical battery operated( Not include)

* LED fiber optic lights use 3 AAA batteries, three red, green, blue three different color combinations emit colorful light.
* Products is composed of each diameter of 0.4 MM of optical fibers,optical fiber is environmentally friendly materials.
* Flashing in a variety of color, beautiful feeling in the dark, which will create a warm family atmosphere.
*Only need to install batteries, open the switch can enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas! With the use of simple, safe and energy-efficient, free of harmful substances and light pollution.
* Suitable for Christmas gifts, toys, promotional items, souvenirs, gifts, New Year's day, romantic couples, bedroom, office decoration gifts,ect.
* Avoid exposure to high temperature, suitable temperature is preferably between -10 to 30 degrees.
* Avoid beating, rejection, try gently.
* Long time do not use please remove the battery to avoid battery drain, or it is easy to cause corrosion, and make a battery slice of rust.

Package Included:
1 x Fiber Optic Light