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Product Specification

Package Included:

1 x MINI UPS_V2.0


This module can be used with the 3D printer motherboard specified by BIQU,it can achieve the functions of resume printing while power off accidentally,monitoring power status ,etc.,and realize printing interaction.When the accidental power failure is ensured, the 3D printing system can completely save the printed data, which can effectively solve the adverse effect of the power failure on the printed parts, and is one of the more practical functions of the 3D printer.

Electrical parameters:

Working voltage: 12V, maximum current: 25A

The power-off detection port outputs a low level when it is working normally, and outputs a high level when it is powered off.


1.It can only work normally at 12V voltage. When the working voltage is higher than 13V, the module will burn out. When the working voltage is lower than 10V, the module will output the power-off signal.

2.Do not reverse the positive or negative, otherwise it will burn the module

Instruction manual:

For atmega2560 and other chips operating at 5V motherboard (for example: SKR PRO ,SKR V1.3, GEN_V1.0, KFB3.0), the module's toggle switch is set to 5V, for lpc1768 and other chips operating voltage of 3.3V motherboard (example :MKSSBase), turn the toggle switch to 3.3V.

Marlin modified tutorial:

Step 1: Download our matching marlin firmware. The firmware we provided is modified based on Marlin 1.1.8, which adding the function of resume printing after power off.

Step 2: The default configuration of the firmware is our Plus Deltaprinter. If it is our Plus machine, you can update the firmware directly to the motherboard without modification. If it is another model, you need to modify the corresponding Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h configuration files according to the specific model.

Step 3: Locate the biqu.h file. If the power-off detection port is plugged into the Y_Min port of the motherboard, turn on YMIN_PLUG as shown in Figure 1, and set the POWER_FAILED_PIN port to Y_MIN_PIN.

These two sentences can be modified accordingly.