Artillery® PEI steel sheet 230mm*230mm for base thermal bed fit Artillery Genius Series 3D Printer for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Never warp, never rust.

Easy access to the first tier even for new users

Flexible, removable, sticks very well to magnets

Suitable for all kinds of filaments, especially for PLA and ABS

No-clean - just bend the plate slightly, then remove the print after cooling

The heating speed is fast, and the waiting time after printing is short.

3D printer bed for life

PEI is pre-applied 3m tape. Long-term use at high temperature, if there are small bubbles, it is a normal phenomenon and does not affect normal use. The mold can be printed normally.

how to use?

After applying the PEI plate on our special spring stainless steel plate, you just need to use 4 clips or magnets to fix it on the heated bed and enjoy printing.

Easily remove 3D prints from the printer by removing the spring steel plate, bending it, and ejecting the print. It's simple and makes the print removal process easier.

Reminder: After printing the mold with PEI magnetic steel plate, please wait for the PEI magnetic steel plate to cool before taking out the mold