JINCOMSO JKV3D Mouse Support Pad 3 Gears Of Height Adjustable 360 Rotatable Mouse Pad For Home Office for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


1. The mouse pad can correct your sitting posture and keep the best distance between eyes and monitor (50-70cm).

2. Three different heights adjustable; 360 degree free rotation, two pads can be used as keyboard support!

3. The back of the mouse pad is stronger with 5 ribs and the metal clip is durable.



Model: JKV3D

Name: Mouse Support Pad

Color: Black, White + Black

Size: 19.5x25x10cm

Material: Plastic

Package Included:

1 x Mouse Pad


1. Please make sure your desk can be installed before purchasing.

2. The following tables are not recommended to use: 1. Thickness more than 6cm. 2. The edge slope is too large. 3. There are decorative strips on the edge.

3. If the rotation is not smooth during use, please apply lubricating oil on the shaft.