SAMZHE ZW 01 0 5m / 2m / 5m Networking Cable RJ45 Cat 5 Ethernet Cable Patch Cord LAN Networking Cable Adapter for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

1. Brand: SAMZHE
2. Model: ZW-01
3. Cable Type: RJ45 Cat5
4. Transmission speed: 100Mbps
5. Conductor material: PVC
6. Cable length: 0.5m / 2m / 5m
7. Diameter: 27.5mm * 11.6mm
8. Wire diameter: 5.5mm
9. Product wire gauge: 26AWG
10. Shielded: PVC
11. Wire core: Pure copper

1. 100Mbps network online video streaming, maintain stable network during large online games, no network latency or dropping.
2. 26AWG high quality Pure copper, choose high specification super thick core, provide stable gigabit network signal transmission performance.
3. RJ45 standard master module, the use of contact gold plating process, so that the network has better contact.
4. Environmental friendly PVC outer quilt, resistant to bending and tension, ensure the durability of the network cable;

Package included:

1 * SAMZHE ZW-01 0.5m / 2m / 5m Networking Cable RJ45 Cat 5 Ethernet Cable Patch Cord LAN Networking Cable Adapter