PIXLINK 1200Mbps Wireless Wifi Repeater 2 4GHz 5GHz Long Range Wi Fi Repeater Router Signal Booster Amplifier Extender with 4 Atenna for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


*Model: AC24
*Device Type: Wireless AP
*Relay distance: 0-0.05 (Km)
*Power supply: 110V-220V
*Protocol: 802.11ac
*Scope of application: home routing
*Wireless Speed: 1200Mbps
*Frequency: 2.4GHz (2.4GHz), 5GHz (5GHz)


The AC1200 range extender upgrades your network to the next generation of Wi-Fi, 802.11ac. With combined wireless speeds of up to 2.4 GHz/300 Mbps and 5 GHz/1200 Mbps,  provides excellent speeds and superior omnidirectional wireless range. You can run multiple applications in a large home or office. 4 external antennas provide better performance and stable connection. Also, convenient dual-band operation lets you simultaneously enjoy lag-free HD video streaming, online gaming, emailing, and web browsing.

Multiple functions:

• Wi-Fi range extender: Extend WiFi coverage of an existing wireless network
• Compatible with other brands router


1) The passwords of your repeater are as same as your router's.
2) Poor signal connection may cause slow speeds or dropped connection.
3) If do not see desired wireless network, you can move the range extender closer to the router and scan again as it may be out of range.

There are 2 working modes of the repeater:

*1.Repeater mode: wireless to wireless: After the repeater receives the wireless signal of the original wireless router, it re-transmits a new wireless signal, so as to achieve the effect of amplifying and extending the coverage. Compatible with all wireless routers (need to know the user name and password of the wireless signal), the setup is very simple. The product comes with an instruction manual. Mobile phones, computers, and tablets can be set up, and all wireless devices only need to be set up once.

*2.AP mode: wired to wireless: when the network cable is connected to the computer, you can directly access the Internet without dialing, such as hotels, apartments, rental houses, offices, sharing broadband with neighbors, etc., only need to insert the network cable that has been connected to the repeater. Ethernet port, you can convert wired to wireless use. Plug and play without setup.

Package Including:

*1x Repeater
*1x Network cable
*1x Manual