Airdisk Q1 Mobile Network Hard Disk USB NAS Adapter USB2 0 100M Rj45 Cloud Disk Converter Home Smart Network Cloud Storage Hard Disk Box for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification



- Brand: Airdisk 

- Mode: Q1

- CPU: Single-core 1GHZ based on MIPS

- USB Interfac: USB2.0(slot for USB storage Device)

- Ethernet port: 10/100Mbps adaptable

- Protocol: CIFS/SAMBA

- Memory: LPDDR 256MB

- Capacity: N/A(no storage with Q1 itself. USB storage device required to be plugged in)

- Dimension: 57x57x17mm

- LAN Transfer Speed: up to 10MB/s

- Peak Concurrent users: 10





Support USB hub extension, so that the interface is no longer single, no need to worry about the capacity limit.

- Support Baidu network disk, file sharing is more convenient, double backup is more secure.

- No need to carry remote access to filesNo need to download, remote video online viewing.

- Compatible with mobile phones, tablet, computers, smart TV, up to 10 simultaneous visits.

- 100M network port, transmit Blue ray movie / 4K video, play smoothly.

Package Includes:

1 x Mobile network hard disk

1 x Instructions

1 x Power adapter

1 x Network cable

1 x USB cable