RJ45 Cat8 Network Cable Ethernet LAN Network Cable 5m 10m 15m 40Gbps Network Ethernet Adapter Data Cable for Router Digital Set top Box TV

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Product Specification


- Type: Network cable
- Cable Type: CAT8
- Guide body: 26AWG oxygen-free copper
- Edge: Physical foamed polyethylene insulation
- Ground wire: 26AWG CCS
- Sheath material: New environment-friendly PVC sheath (PVC)
- Connector: RJ45 high gold plated crystal head
- Length:100/150/500cm
- Transmission Rate: 40 Gbps
- Color: black
- Material: copper wire
- Application: it is suitable for network jumper connection between computer and switch, hub, ADSL, router, digital set-top box, TV with network cable interface and wireless network device end


- The cable is very soft,light and easy to carry.Especially for notebook computer users.
- The outer material is good-quality insulating material, which is flame retardant.
- High speed data transmission.suitable for home and office wired networks for Internet connection via modem, router, switch, Wi-Fi device, signal amplifier or switch. 
- This cable connects all the hardware destinations on a Local Area Network (LAN).
- It commonly uses for connecting computers with other Ethernet devicessuch as, DSL/Cable Modem, hubs, switches, routers, etc.

Package included:

1 x Network LAN Cable