EDUP EP 7106 Network Card Dual Band WIFI6 Antenna 1 5m Extension Base SMA Interface PCIE CARD AX200 External Antenna Base for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Brand: EDUP- Wing union

Model number: EP-7106

Gain: 4dBi dual-band antenna

Operating frequency: 2.4ghz / 5.8ghz

Signal characteristics: omnidirectional

Connector specifications: Supported

Scope of application: Suitable for detachable WiFi6 wireless network card and wireless router

Material:  industrial ABS

Product size: 135 (length) *121 (height) *42 (width) mm

Color: Black

Data cable: 1.5m antenna extension cable base


1.Enhance WiFi6 router signal, connect to home router can effectively improve WiFi signal poor, unstable, stuck, cut off flow and other problems

2.Increasing the speed of the WiFi6 network card and connecting the home router can effectively improve the WiFi signal poor, unstable, stuck, disconnected and other problems

3.Strong antenna design, the use of strong performance of the antenna system, reduce signal attenuation, effectively improve the signal coverage and coverage depth.

4.Network signal unblocked 1.5m extension cable, can extend the antenna to the desktop, or adsorption on the computer where you want t set

  5.The magnetic force is strong and the adsorption is firm. The magnet added to the antenna base can be adsorbed on the magnetic metal surface, such as the metal chassis, where the signal is better.

Package Included:

1* Network Cards
1.5m antenna