Battery Powered LED Light Up El Wire Tie Adjustable Necktie for Party Halloween Wedding DC3V for Sale with BTC on


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Neon EL Lights

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Product Specification

Battery powered:2*AAA batteries(not included)
Light color:white, red, yellow, blue, purple, green
Material:cloth + El wire

Cold light plane light output, no viewing angle limitations.
Ultra-thin flat (up to 0.1mm).
Low energy consumption.
Emitting soft uniform and stable light source not look bright.
Moisture-resistant, anti-vibration, no heat.
No harmful rays, light weight.
Rich luminous color and flashing performance, can surface emitting (bend radius 5mm).
Green environmental protection, energy saving, no radiation.
Thin materials which soft as paper.

Package included:
1*nectie el wire
1*battery box(battery not included)