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Product Specification


The EMF Meter is a compact and easy to use Magnetic Field strength meter. The EMF Meter can be used indoors or outdoors for measuring any electric device or power lines.

1. Instantly respond to EMF fluctuations and spikes. Need 9V battery.
2. Easy to read LED lights in the dark and in the sun
3. Portable, easy to use, rugged, reliable, super responsive
4. UV reactive color label
5. Used for ultra-normal wave research and general EMF testing


Material: ABS
Detection Range: 0 to 20+ milliGauss
Detection Frequency: 50/60 Hz (50 to 1000 Hz—ELF)
(1000 to 20,000 Hz—VLF)
Accuracy: 5% (typical)
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 120°F (-18 ~ 49℃)
Battery Requirements: 9 V battery
Size & Weight—5.75 "(L) x 2.25"(W) x 1"(H); 6 ounces
Color: Blue/Black

There are 5 LED's, each represents a field strength range as follows:


"Normal" zone—Normal background Magnetic Field

  0 to 1.5 milliGauss


"Low" zone- Low-Level Magnetic Field

  1.5 to 2.5 milliGauss


"Caution" zone-Mid-Level Magnetic Field

  2.5 to 10 milliGauss


"high" zone-high-Level Magnetic Field

  10 to 20 milliGauss


"Warning" zone - Extremely high Magnetic Field



1) Hold the EMF METER with your thumb on the switch
2) Point it toward the EMF source, then depress and hold down the switch (a short flash of the LED's will occur)
3) The LED will indicate the range of the EMF at that level
4) Moving the device from side to side or rotating it may change the reading; the highest reading is most accurate
5) Move closer or further away to the EMF source to determine the "Normal" zone, as indicated by the Green LED

Helptul Hints:

- Record the readings on the enclosed Exposure Log, repeat periodically, since fields can change in strength
- If the GREEN LED (Normal) doesn't light, the battery is low
- To change battery remove the two screws, replace 9V battery

Package included:

1 x EMF Meter(Not included battery)
1 x English User Manual