High Precision 0 05uSv 50mSv Nuclear Radiation Tester with Built in Battery TFT2 0 Color Display Screen Alarm Fuction for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Product Description

This product is a small high-sensitivity radiation dose alarm instrument, which is mainly used to monitor X, β rays and γ rays. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity and accurate measurement. It adopts a microprocessor with strong performance and is equipped with a TFT 2.0 color screen, which makes the operation simple and user-friendly, and has strong anti-interference ability. The two alarm methods of sound and flash can be combined arbitrarily, and the alarm threshold can be set arbitrarily. When the alarm threshold is reached, an alarm will be issued to remind the staff to pay attention to safety. The main technical indicators of the instrument are in line with national and international standards.

Application Place:

Widely used in home improvement radiation, radiation processing enterprises, health and epidemic prevention,
radiotherapy, nuclear laboratory, nuclear power plant, import and export commodity inspection, building materials' stone
Ionization exists in petrochemical industry, geological survey, scrap iron and steel, industrial nondestructive testing, etc.
In the radiation environment, the radiation dose supervision and protection occasions received by individuals.


♦ The dose rate is measured in real time, and the cumulative dose is recorded at the same time.
♦ With calibration function.
♦ The dose rate alarm threshold and metering alarm threshold can be set arbitrarily (connected
continuously adjustable).
♦ The starting time of the current dose accumulation can be viewed.
♦ With timing measurement function, it can be set arbitrarily between 00-999 hours.
♦ It has the function of overdose reporting.
♦ The history record information of the last 10 measurements can be saved.
♦ With calendar clock function, it can ensure the normal operation of the clock after shutdown.
♦ Continuous monitoring of battery level with battery level icon.
♦ Free switching between Chinese and English menus.
♦ With sensor fault prompt function (the display shows "The device is damaged
♦ When the recorder is turned on and the screen is off, if it detects that the radiation dose exceeds
After passing the set alarm value, the monitor will automatically alarm. will automatically jump to the spoke
radiometric measurement page.

Technical Parameter:

♦ Sensor: GM counter tube
♦ Measuring range: 0. 05uSv-50mSv
♦ Measurement accuracy: -17%-25% based on 137Cs Y
♦ Battery life: 20 days (continuous measurement, no particle sound)
♦ Charging interface: TYPE-C interface (the green light is always on when charging, and it is off when fully charged)
♦ Alarm response time td: <10s
♦ Alarm threshold deviation: -17%-25%

Package included:

1 X Nuclear Radiation Tester