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Nail Art Tools

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Product Specification

Feature :

No UV/LED Lamp 
Natural & Quick-drying
Safe for Nail Bed
Easy to Apply
High-Gloss Shine
Natural Reasin
Easy To Absorb
Longest Lasting

How to Use :

1. Trim and clean nails
2. Apply primer on nails
3. Dip your nails in the powder at 45 degrees and wait for 2 to 3 minutes to dry.
4. Use a nail brush to remove excess powder
5. Repeat step 2.3.4. (Until the desired color depth is reached)
6. Apply activator and wait about 1 minute for it to dry.
7. After the activator is completely dry (30-60 seconds), polish and shape the nails.
8. Clean the nail surface and apply activator, wait about 1 minute for it to dry.
9. Apply top coat and wait 2 to 3 minutes for it to dry

Seductive Colors and Gloss - The fine powder texture of the dipping acrylic powder can easily help nail enthusiasts to create amazing nail art, uniform and long-lasting color, and beautiful gloss under different light will be your nails Ideal for art.
Waterproof and Durable - This nail powder set is equipped with a new type of high-quality, abrasion-resistant, and harder new type of top coat gel after solidification. They will protect your nails for up to 20 days with the nail infiltration powder. More delicate and more durable than other traditional nail gels.
Simple & Easy to Use - Luckyfine dipping powder is perfect for beginners. It only takes a few steps to complete the nail art production. After you get the product and instructions, I believe that the simple nail making method will soon be clear. At the same time, you can mix different powders at will. It does not require nail polish and UV lamps to cure, and it only takes 1 minute for them to dry.
Rich Accessories - Nail Powder 8 X; Gel 4 X (Base Coat, Activator, Top Coat, Brush Saver); Nail File 1 X; Nail Brush 1 X; Polish Revover Sheet 10 X; Instruction Manul: 1 X.
MSDS Certified: We use animals for product testing, this product is made with friendly ingredients and has passed professional MSDS certification Our superb dipping kits feel natural, the formula is free of harsh chemicals, and has complex adhesion that prevents it from cracking, fading and floating.

Package Includes :

Nail Powder x 8 
Gel x 4 (Base Coat, Activator, Top Coat, Brush Saver)
Nail File x 1
Nail Brush x 1
Pink Nail File x 1
Replacement Brush Heads x 2
Polish Remover Sheet x 10
Instruction Manul x 1