ZOGIN 433MHz Wireless Waterproof Smart Doorbell No Battery Cordless Ring Dong Chime for Home for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Music Doorbell

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Product Specification


The energy is converted into electric energy.No Battery Required, Energy saving and environmental protection.
Button is Waterproof IP44. Don't worry about extended use in heavy rain.
Signal is stronger, enhanced wall penetration and propagation distance.
Advanced A12 microprocessor, more anti-interference.The neighbor's doorbell will not interfere with our doorbell.
Free Matching: Learning Code Technology,Buttons and receivers can be paired freely.
No Fever,Safer: Upgraded IC circuit.It will not heat up when plugged in for a long time. Better security.Designed to last up to 26 years
LED Flashing: The mute setting can avoid disturbing the baby's sleep.
There is a LED flashing light reminder when guests ring the doorbell
Easy Installation: No wiring required, no tools required you don't necessarily have to make holes or damage anything.
1.Plug the receiver into the socket
2.Double-sided tape or screws on the back of the button
3.Stick the button to the outside wall


Receiving distance: 150M (in open area)
Waterproof: IP44
Ringtones: 51 pcs
Volume:4-steps(Can mute)
Button power supply: Self powered
Receiver power supply: AC110V-250V
Plug Type: EU / US / UK / AU
Working frequency: 433 MHz

Package included:

1 x Receiver
1 x Button
1 x English manual
1 x Accessories