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Music Doorbell

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Product Specification



- 45 polyphonic ringtones.

- 4 gear volume adjustment (including mute).

- Widely using in home, offices, hotels, etc.

- Simple to operate and convenient to use.

- The transmitter has IP44 waterproof function.

- 200 meters long distance signal transmission.(in an open place without obstacles)

- Digital chip precise control, anti-interference, will not cross-talk with neighbor's doorbell.

- Two-hole straight plug, convenient and fast, you can place doorbells everywhere, such as room, courtyard, door, living room, kitchen, etc.



Color: White

Indicator Color: Blue

Material: ABS

Type: Smart Wireless Doorbell

Ring: 45 polyphonic ringtones

Plug: AU Plug

Ringtone Volume: 0~110db

Volume: 4 gear adjustment

Transmission Distance: 150~200 meters in open area

Transmitter Powered By: 1 x 12V 23A Battery(Included)

Size: As Shown

Package Included:


1 x Doorbell Host(Receiver)

1 x Doorbell Button ( Transmitter )

1 x Battery( Transmitter )

1 x Double-sided Tape

1 x Bag Screw Kit

1 x Manual

Detail Pictures: