Baseus 2pcs Foldable Slim Laptop Stand Portable Notebook Support Base Holder Adjustable Riser Cooling Bracket Universal for Laptop Tablet for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

Brand: Bases 
Name: Bases Slim Laptop Stand
Process Mould pressing
Material: Zinc alloy
Color: Grey/Silver
Suitable for 13-inch and above laptops
Weight: 30g

Mini and Compact, Easy to Carry Around
Space-saving with no need to assemble/disassemble.

Adjust the Height to Your Perfect Viewing Angle
12° perfect angle, the most comfortable and ergonomic viewing
angle for laptops.

Excellent for Heat Dissipation
Improve the air circulation underneath the laptop, great for heat

Wide Compatibility with Various Laptops
Suitable for 13-inch and larger laptops.

Package  Included:
2 * Bases Slim Laptop Stand