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Product Specification


1. Brand: Bcase
2. Material: PVC
3. Size: 90*20*3.8 mm(L*W*T)


1. 3 size in 1 hole design; three holes design fit for different kinds cable. such as round cable,flat cable etc.
2. Made from PVC with gorgeous color and appearance; the appearance is exquisite and ingenious,and the edge is smooth,Is the necessities of life.
3. Strong double-sided adhesive & Strong magnetic 
    Equipped with strong double-sided adhesive, can absorb on any flat appearance and reusable, when removed will not hurt the adhesion of the surface.
4. Unique magnetic holder and clip separating design, you can easy to get the cable when needed and keep it tidy when not needed just take the clip off of the holder.

Package Included:

5 X Bcase Data Cable Organizer