XL2530 ZB UART Wireless Core Development Board CC2530 Sensor Node Baseboard Functional Module Kit for IOT Smart Home for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Motherboard Development Board

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Product Specification


2530-GE is very suitable for the study, development and debugging of CC2530. The test board has a rich hook port and supports a variety of sensor modules, such as 0S18820 latitude sensor, 07H11 temperature sensor, photosensitive and smoke sensor. The module has another 0.96OLE0 black and rekis 5110 display ports, which is convenient for debugging and testing. The board integrates a US8 to TTL circuit, which can facilitate serial communication testing and debugging. The matching code of the school block is rich, and the basic marquee program supports the reference code that is correct in the communication of the XieYinnuo No Tsui network. It is suitable for beginners to learn ZB and use the development engineer to develop and call the product.


Model: XL2530-0EK
Function: CC2530 development board
Display interface: OLED screen, rekis 5110 screen
Communication interface: USB virtual serial port
Downloader: Smart RF04EB
Sensor interface: DS sense B20, DTH11 smoke, infrared light sensitive
Size: 60 x 70mm
Development environment: I AR For 51 8. 10

Package included:

1 x Development Board
1 x USB cable