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Motherboard & Development Board

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Product Specification


SDR RSP1 software-defined radio receiver SDR software-defined radio receiver Ham msi2500 msi001 scheme, simplified SDRplay RSP1 circuit, the interface is USB Type-C interface (Android mobile phone interface), double-layer board, using SMT patch technology, 5 The antenna interfaces correspond to different frequency bands and are tested in advance.

Product weight: 20 grams

Product size: 88*48MM

1. Effective frequency range 10KHz to 1GHz, ADC resolution 12bit, full 10M real-time visual bandwidth (can monitor 10M wide signal range in real time, such as 430-440MHz)

2. FM frequency modulation, AM amplitude modulation, SSB single sideband, CW equal-amplitude telegraph, ATC control, zone modulation, aviation and railway frequency bands, ADS-B broadcast automatic related monitoring, broadband and narrowband analog and digital intercom, DMR digital intercom , DRM digital broadcasting, SSTV images, NOAA weather cloud images, radio astronomy monitoring, ISS International Space Station and so on.

3. Compatible with the four platforms of Windows, Linux, OSMac, and Android, it perfectly supports mainstream software such as SDRuno, SDR Sharp, HDSDR, SDR consol, GNURadio, and SDR Touch. (Android devices need to support OTG)

Package includes:

1 x Aviation Receiver