PB 02 Kit Development Board Wifi Wireless Module Low Power PHY6212 Mesh Networking GPIO/PWM/SPI/ADC Interface For Smart Home for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Motherboard Development Board

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Product Specification


The PB-02-Kit is an intelligent lighting development board designed for the PB-02 module.
PB-02 is a Bluetooth-compatible module designed based on the PHY6212 chip and conforms to BLE 5.0 low power consumption; it supports SIG Mesh. PHY6212 is equipped with ARMÂ Cortexâ„¢-M0 32-bit processor, equipped with 138KB SRAM, with ultra -low power consumption, high performance and wireless multi-mode features, and supports BLE functions for security, applications and wireless updates.

The PB-02 module has a Bluetooth-compatible mesh networking function; the devices communicate through a peer-to-peer star network and use Bluetooth-compatible broadcast for communication, which can ensure a timely response in the case of multiple devices. It is mainly used in the Internet of Things fields such as smart light control, smart wear, retail payment, etc.; it can meet the requirements of low-power, low-latency, and low-cost wireless data communication.


Module model: PB-02
BLE5.0, support Mesh
Interface type: standard micro USB + 2.54mm pitch pin header
Provide PWM/SPI/GPIO/ADC interface
Comes with R/G/B three-in-one lamp beads and with cold/warm lamp beads
Built-in reset button and 1 user-defined button
Support Tmall Genie voice direct connection, Android/IOS APP control and WeChat applet control


Model: PB-02-Kit Development Board 
Dimensions: 30 x 45.5(Âmore or less0.2) MM
Package: DIP-20
Wireless Standards: bluetooth 5.0
Frequency range: 2400- 2483.5 MHz
Maximum transmit power: Maximum 10dBm
Receiving sensitivity: -93Âmore or less2 dBm
Operating temperature: -40℃ - 85 ℃
Storage environment: -40℃-125℃,<90%
Power supply range:
Supply voltage 4.75 V -5.25 V, supply current ≥50 mA
Power consumption:
Deep sleep mode: 0.7uA (I0 wake-up)
Dormancy mode: 2uA (RTC wake-up)
RX mode: 7mA
TX (10dBm): 25mA
Development board: 4mA

Package Included:

1 x PB-02-Kit Development Board
1 x USB cable(optional)