OV2640 21MM 66Â/120 Wide angle Lens Camera Module 2MP DVP Interface ESP32 Module for ESP32 CAM Development Board for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Motherboard & Development Board

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Product Specification


1. 100% brand new and high-quality products.
2. Made of high-quality materials, durable and practical.
3. Applicable to a variety of intelligent development boards.
4. With its small size and low working voltage, it provides all the functions of a single-chip UXGA camera and image processor. Through SCCB bus control, it can output 10-bit sampling data of various resolutions in the form of whole frame, sub-sampling, windowing, etc. The maximum UXGA image of this product is 15 frames per second. The user can fully control the image quality, data format and transmission method. All image processing functions including gamma curve, white balance, saturation, chroma , etc. can be programmed through the SCCB interface. OmmiVision image sensor uses unique sensor technology to improve image quality and obtain clear and stable color images by reducing or eliminating optical or electronic defects such as fixed pattern noise, tailing, floating, etc.
5. High sensitivity is suitable for low illumination applications, and low voltage is suitable for embedded applications
6. Standard SCCB interface, compatible with I2C interface

66°/120° Wide-angle Lens:

Length: 21mm
Pixel: 2 million
Field of view: 66°/120°(optional)
Interface: DVP
Lens: 1/4"
Pixel: 1600 x 1200
Aperture: 2.4

Package included:

1 x OV2640 66°/120° camera module