LILYGOÂ 16MB/4MB CH340K TTGO T Display ESP32 WiFi bluetooth Module LCD Development Board with 1 14 Inch Color Screen for Sale with BTC on


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Motherboard Development Board

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Product Specification


Quick start
1. Copy TFT_eSPI to the directory
2. Open Arduin0 IDE, find TFT_eSPI in the file and example, the T-Display factory test program is located at TFT_eSPI -> Factory Test, you can also use other sample programs provided by TFT_eSPI 3 In the Arduin0 IDE tool options, select the development board ESP32 Dev Module, select Disable in the PSRAM option, select 4MB/16MB in the Flash Size option, Other keep the default
3. Select the corresponding serial port. If you are not sure, please remove all the serial ports, leaving the board in the USB connection state, just select that one
4. Finally, click upload, the right arrow next to the"√"

T-Display product features:
1. Color screen
2. Low power consumption
3. Add battery-powered charging circuit
4. New custom buttons have been added


Package Included:
(battery not includes)
1 x TT-Display (4MB/16MB)
1 x charging cable
2 x needle arranging