4PIN ARGB 5V 3 pin 7 bit 2 in 1 Controller Cooling with Remote Control for CPU FAN Cooling Control

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Motherboard Development Board
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Product Specification


① There are 7 fan (fan power supply ports), which can be connected to 7 3pin/4pin power supply ports.
The maximum current of fan interface is 0.5A, and the maximum current of fan interface of the overall controller is 4A.
②There are 9 RGB interfaces (there is no difference between LED ARGB interfaces).
In theory, LED/ARGB has no restrictions on the connected 5V devices.
③The power supply interface is the SATA interface of the chassis power supply.

Product Features:

① Solve the problem that the synchronization fan of the RGB motherboard does not match the motherboard interface or the motherboard has no RGB interface.
② Solve the problem of cumbersome setting of temperature control fan mainboard speed adjustment, no setting, insufficient interface, and inability to control independently.

How to solve:

Connect the 5V conventional RGB interface of your fan to the RGB interface of the controller to remotely dim the light.
Connect the 3pin/4pin fan interface to the fan interface of the controller to adjust the speed remotely.

Package includes:

1 x Controller 
1 x Remote Control