Laptop Monitor Light Bar Touch Control USB Powered Screen Bar Adjustable Brightness/Color Temperatureg for Laptop for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


1. Laptop-specific Elegant models
L143* W44 * H24mm. For 0.08-0.3 (0.2 to 0.8 cm)inches Monitor Thickness.
2. 3 lighting modes, touch dimming, anti-glare design
Dimmable led e-reading task lamp come with 3 color temperature and 3 levels brightness.
3. No reflection glare, uniform light emission
4. Non-slip clip design, no need for additional fixing brackets
5. Stable when hung, compact and portable

Model: PMD-011
Material: ABS
Switch mode: touch type
Power supply mode: USB power supply
Color temperature: 3000K / 4500K / 6000K
Voltage: 5V
Current: 1A
Power: 5W
Size: 143x39mm
Weight: 61g

Package Contents:
1 * Laptop Monitor Light Bar