TV Wall Mount Monitor Bracket TV Stands with Horizontal Post Installation Leveling for 26 Inch to 60 Inch TVs for Sale with BTC on


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Monitor Arms & Stands

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Product Specification

Bracket material: iron
Applicable size: 26-60 inches
Material thickness: 1.5mm
Color: black
Bearing weight: 50kg
Hanger accessories: level gauge, screw pack
Mounting holes: 200*200mm, 200*400mm, 300*300mm, 400*400mm

- Space-saving design, the shelf is very well hidden.
- Matte spray paint, cold-rolled steel plate surface treatment process, black matte surface spray plastic smooth and bright.
- Lock the bayonet firmly to prevent the TV from moving randomly.
- Prevent rust, durable, acid resistant, and the surface of the material plays a role of rust prevention.

Package included:
1 x TV wall mount
1 x Level gauge
1 x Screw pack